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Tony’s 8 minutes” is the perfect way to maintain a basic level of fitness in only 8 minutes a day. And now Tony has added two complementary programs to help you achieve balance in your life. The “Tony 8 minutes” app now includes 3 components to help you: maintain fitness; expand your flexibility; and seek peace each day.

– 8 minutes of body weight exercise
– 8 minutes of qigong (stretching)
– 8 minutes of meditation

These programs are formulated by Tony for anyone, anywhere, to achieve and maintain a basic level of fitness on only 8 minutes per day with no special tools or weights. Do the exercises anywhere, anytime, with just an exercise mat, for amazing results. “Tony’s 8 minutes” allows you to get an amazing workout in 8 minutes without needing to go to a gym. No internet connection is needed, once you have downloaded the app, and there are three levels of increasing effort to allow you to push yourself further when you are ready.

Over ten years Tony has become China’s best known health and fitness coach, dedicated to helping the people of China find Health and Balance in their lives. Tony uses his understanding of both Eastern and Western cultural approaches to health to help people benefit from both worlds. This totally self-contained Free 8 Minute Workout App is a first step into Tony’s whole life health and fitness world.

Let us help you get started on your whole life health journey.

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